Where to Start

If you were to type into Google “hot rod shops in US”, you will see that well over one million results would pop up. While some of them may be legitimate, they might not all churn out a quality product. For that you would want to focus on a few main areas of the United States. A kind of unwritten rule in the automotive arena in the United States is to follow the sun. Yes, you want to look for a state that gets a large amount of sunshine.  Why? Two reasons. One, it provides for optimal racing weather throughout the year. Two, better weather also equals less salt on the roads during inclement weather months. The salt can lead to damage and rust on the vehicle, which will shorten the lifespan of that car. So, let’s see where the sun takes us first.


California seems like a no brainer for hot rod shops as it is considered the home of the hot rod to many. California Hot Rods, Walden Speed Shop and Hollywood Hot Rods are three of the top results. California Hot Rods is located in Sonora, California and focuses on custom fabrication.  Walden Speed Shop is in Pomona, California and is headed up by Bobby Walden. Mr. Walden is known for his custom body work and has made over a thousand body panels by hand. Moving over to Burbank, California you will find Hollywood Hot Rods. This shop really has it all, from customized rebuilds to hand crafted metal fabrication.


Following to sun over to Nevada there are several shops here to pay attention to as well. Al’s Rod & Custom Inc is located in Sparks, Nevada and it is known as a full-service shop that also focuses on restoration. Lost in the Fifties is a shop located in the great Las Vegas, Nevada. Again, they are a full-service shop but also offer restoration specifically for hot rods from the tires to the antenna. Staying in Las Vegas you can hop on over to Hot Rod City owned by Steve Levesque, who is best known for entertainment business. Hot rods have always been his passion and he brings a specific knowledge base with him to Hot Rod City.


Let’s continue our journey in the sun to the large state of Texas. House of Hot Rods in based in Mansfield, Texas in its own customized shop. They will take care of it all from fabrication, upholstery, paint, powder coating and of course anything mechanical. CnC Customs & Hot Rods in Hurst, Texas boasts over 30 years on hands on experience and have helped customers all over the United States create the hot rod of their dreams.  Rod Shop Inc. is located in the sunny state of Florida. It’s a full-service shop while also focusing on helping with your dream car restoration.  Keith’s Rods & Custom is located in Oakland Park, Florida. They have over 25 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to impart regarding hot rods.