Movies can serve to showcase some amazing cars. Some of these movies and the cars that were in them are still often talked about today, the scenes are so iconic and memorable that people, especially car enthusiast talk about them for years and years to come.

American Graffiti

One of the most famous movies was “American Graffiti”. This movie had a drag race in it and served to renew the publics’ interest in hot rods. The two cars that got a lot of attention in this 1973 movie were the 1955 Chevy and the 1932 Ford Coupe. Apparently, the Ford Coupe needed a great deal of work before it could be used in the movie. The car was altered by Bob Hamilton who was a hot rod car restorer in California. He had to make sure the car fit with what was expected of the time that they were shooting in. They worked on the exterior of the car and changed the fenders. The car also needed to be painted yellow and the interior worked on. This car was also used in the sequel to “American Graffiti” but that movie called “More American Graffiti” was not a commercial success. Other cars in the movie included the 1955 Chevrolet, a T-bird and a 1932 Ford Deuce.

Smokey and The Bandit

Another movie that strongly featured cars was the 1977 movie “Smokey and the Bandit”. This was the second most popular movie of the time after “Star Wars”. The cars that were featured became more popular with the public after this movie came out. Like “American Graffiti” before it, “Smokey and the Bandit” had a big impact on the popular culture of the time. Sales of the Trans Am alone greatly increased after the movie came out. In 2016 a Florida company became interested in building Trans Am cars that looked like the very car that Burt Reynolds drove in the movie.

Cannonball Run

Another movie in which the cars became very popular. Cars included an Aston Martin DB5, a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. A Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna and a Chevrolet Monte Carlo were also in the movie. There was also a Lamborghini Countach, a Ferrari 308 GTS and a Subaru Leone in the movie.

When we think of great cars and cool gadgets, James Bond springs to mind, and certainly the 007 movie franchise is known for its cool cars. The 1964 Aston Martin DB5 seen in the movie “Goldfinger” is one such example. The car featured ejector seats, ram bumpers and machine guns. One of these cars that was used in the movie sold for over $4 million.

Back to The Future

The “Back to the Future” movie trilogy featured a car that acted as a time machine. The 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 attracted a huge cult following, however the car was not a commercial success. The 1968 Mustang GT 390 from the movie “Bullitt” became popular and Ford made a limited-edition version due to the car’s popularity. Several movies feature cool cars, but only some of these many cars have become classics and popular pop culture cars. Some car companies have even gone on to increase sales because of their cars being shown in movies.