The birth of hot rods can be traced back sometimes after the end of World War II. The teens were very eager to have customized motorcycles, so it was natural for cars to be the next target. The purpose of them was to be able to speed linear and to have a very powerful engine. The earliest evidence of customized cars is sometimes in the 30’s when people started modifying the Ford cabriolets. In the 50’s the craze with customized cars reached a peak and the service shops able to do this appeared in every state and city. The birthplace of the hot rods is generally considered to be Southern California. It was very fashionable back then to have a unique car to drive around the city. We have listed some of the top reasons why these amazing machines became so popular in order to better understand their history and value.

In The 50’s

At the beginning of the 50’s there was an abundance of resources all over the US. People started investing in their hobbies and the Great Recession seemed something that happened in another life. Everybody started investing in leisure activities and in hobbies. Car tuning started being one of the most popular activities for all ages. You could see families doing car tuning as a common activity. This is one of the factors that led to the amazing popularity of the hot rods. Almost every garage in the US turned into a car service where people would start tuning their cars.

Great car companies started investing in many car parts that became popular for tuning. Castrol in one of the best examples. They started opening designated shops for tuning parts. This led to an easiness of finding spare parts for the cars. This was a great addition to the growing popularity of the hot rods. People could go to the closest car shop and buy every part they would want. This made the car tuning much easier. Before, people would have to customize their parts at home and because of this ca tuning was a very limited hobby.

The Expansion

The expansion of old car shops and car cemeteries contributed a lot to the growing popularity of the hot rods. People could just go to the closest car cemetery and buy an old car to tune. This made this hobby much easier. The variety of the cars found here was truly amazing and this allowed the America streets to be full of beautiful vintage cars with a twist.

The final factor that led to the popularity of the hot rods nowadays is the movie industry. Many movies showed a lot of vintage cars and hot rods. This led to a hot rod craze in the latest years. You can see the same vibe as in the 50’s thanks to the popularity of these cars in the movies. The greatest factor that led to this craze are the car races and expos where people come to show off their customized babies.