The Origins of Hot Rods

Hot rods is a term that really refers to the old classic American cars that have been modified for racing. The hot rods are cars in which the engine of the car has been altered or replaced with another engine to allow the car increased speed.  The car is also frequently modified to reduce the

Top Hot Rods in Movies

Movies can serve to showcase some amazing cars. Some of these movies and the cars that were in them are still often talked about today, the scenes are so iconic and memorable that people, especially car enthusiast talk about them for years and years to come. American Graffiti One of the most famous movies was

Best Cleaners for Cars and Hot Rods

Keeping your car or hot rod in good condition is important. If you keep your car clean and well maintained then not only will it last longer, but its resale value will be higher. Contaminants adversely affect the paintwork and can lead to the development of rust. Therefore, using the best cleaners, you can afford

How To Improve Your Skills As A Driver

As a hot rod enthusiast, chances are that you like to take your pride and joy out on the road every once in a while. There are hot rod meet-ups taking place all over the US at any given time, and many abandoned airstrips are taken over by fans eager to put their machines through

Are Hot Rods Expensive to Maintain?

A hot rod need not be expensive to maintain. It may cost quite a bit to restore an old car depending on what condition it is actually in. However, maintaining a car once it is restored to top condition need not be an expensive endeavor, unless new parts must be bought to replace damaged systems,

Are Hot Rods Safe?

The hot rods first became popular sometimes after the second World War. This was because people were feeling now much more relaxed and the economic growth in the US allowed them to invest in things they like. Hot rods were also very popular because tuning them started to be a family activity. You could see

The Popularity of Hot Rods Through Time

The birth of hot rods can be traced back sometimes after the end of World War II. The teens were very eager to have customized motorcycles, so it was natural for cars to be the next target. The purpose of them was to be able to speed linear and to have a very powerful engine.

How to Customize Your Bike

Every one of us had that dream of owning a great bike. This idea must have been influenced by watching a spectacular bike show, which triggered the thought of building and having one. In your imagination, you already see yourself working tirelessly on your dream bike. The internet gives the opportunity to go through the