Kettcars have been given lots of joy for kids all over the world for almost 60 years. These toys first showed up on the market in 1962, and since then they have been an integral part of childhood for many generations. Since the opening day, the company sold more than 15 million small pedal cars. However, three new models of the famous pedal cars have been introduced to customers in 2012, and the success was guaranteed from the first day.

The auction house RM Auctions offered these masterpieces based on their great role models from 1932 for sale. The fans of Hot Rots heard about this exceptional offer very soon. After all, this date is very meaningful. The Ford of 1932 is still the best inspiration for all hot rods. The tuned classic cars are based on this legendary vehicle. Therefore, there is no surprise that not only kids are getting crazy about these toys, but also many adults are fans of hot rots could and cannot get enough of these pedal cars.

Three Masterpieces

The first one of the previous-mentioned pedal cars was called Respect Tradition. It had a steel body that was handmade. The vehicle was made by the company called Hollywood Hot Rods and this tuning workshop is located in Burbank, California. They gave her masterpiece a miniature V8 engine and installed it behind the grille of the pedal car. Just like the big role model 32er Fort Hot Rod, the small version also had no bonnet. During the process of construction, the designers made every effort to ensure that children could easily control this car in the safest manner. The proud owners took a seat on a leather seat. There was even another seat in the rear of the Respect Tradition that might be folded out. However, this excellent mini hot rod is not meant to be a mass production as the estimated price starts at  $8,000 and goes up to $12,000.

Hot Rod

A Car and Its Style

The second piece presented at the auction was not less impressive as the previous one. Another pedal car had an open sheet metal body with sidewalls. To drive it, the kids supposed to climb from the back. This little car was made in Art Deco style with tight wheels, shiny hubcaps, and inner doors lined with brown leather to complete this pedal car until perfection.

The third pedal car at the auction seeds like a flat salt racer. These are racing cars with which one fights hot duels on the salt lakes in the state of Utah. You can watch the real speedsters at the Bonneville Speed ​​Week. These races are organized every August and attract hundreds of people to the salt lakes. These cars reach top speeds of 630 miles per hour because they have rocket propulsion. The pedal car version is not able to achieve such an incredible speed, but still, it is doing impressive. The driver seat is incorporated in front of the roll cage. The frame is deficient and almost grinds on the ground