Every one of us had that dream of owning a great bike. This idea must have been influenced by watching a spectacular bike show, which triggered the thought of building and having one. In your imagination, you already see yourself working tirelessly on your dream bike. The internet gives the opportunity to go through the enormous numbers of photos which can serve as models for the one you wish to customize.

After getting the model of what you want to build, the next challenge is how to transform your bike into what you had dreamed. To build a customized bike, you will need to have the necessary skills. The skills are easy to learn, and you will enjoy the fun that goes along with it. You will learn a lot about the process in this article if you want to have your dream bike just like the guy you often admired. With enough money, you can pay someone to do the job for you in 12 weeks. Now let’s look at the process.

General Process

You must be sure of what you are capable of changing on your bike, and keep in mind that it will take a long time to complete. You are left with the choice of making the changes gradually while regularly riding your bike in the process. Another choice is to make the transformation at once and wait till the work is done before making use of your bike.

The first option is advisable so that you will not run out of ideas or resources and find it difficult to continue the task and be forced to sell your bike as mere scrap. That will be a significant loss, but not of your making. The gradual transformation of your bike may not immediately give you a look you want, but you will have the excitement of riding your bike every time. You may decide to replace the seat, add new painting, or attach some parts to the bike.

The Basis for Your Customization

You may want to have an air-conditioned BMW, a Honda CB 70’s model, or Harley Davidson type. Whatever it is, to bring about those changes, you need to consider the following:

  • It is easier to work on older bikes than on new ones. To transform a new bike will need a lot of complicated changes. You must remember this.
  • Older bikes are easily replaced regarding spare parts. Bikes like Triumph and Harley-Davidson have many replaceable parts in the market.
  • Those bikes that are rare to find are usually the type masochists prefer. The parts of such bikes are scarce, and information about them is hard to find. Start with simpler projects and patiently work towards your dream bike.
  • You do not need to go far looking for the right bike to use. Bikes built around the year 2000 have great potential to be used as donors for the transformation of your new bikes. They have carburetors which make them usable and environmentally friendly.