If you own a hot rod, then you know how important it is to keep the car in tip top condition and looking good. What is really nice is that you can customize the interior of your hot rod not just the exterior body. There are various ways to go about doing this.

Moldings and Dash

If you would like to give the garnish moldings and dash a look like leather, you can find a store that has SEM vinyl and plastic coat spray. Start by buying the color of the paint you want and paint the garnish moldings and the dash. Then show the store the color of the paint you used so they can match the coat spray to your paint color to give you the best-looking finish. It is possible to have a paint custom mixed.

You can build a custom dash if you want but you need to remember that the dash comes straight out from 1 to 2 inches and you thus need to provide space for the ½ inch piece of windlace. It is wise to taper the dash away from the door and make channels in the dash for the windlace. Many of the hot rods come with dash pads already. You can also get custom dash pads made for your car if you want.

Steering Wheel and Seats

If you have not purchased a steering wheel yet you can purchase a half wrap steering wheel and customize this so as to match your interior look. For instance, you can have the same leather cover placed on the steering wheel as you have in the interior upholstery.

If you are putting new seats in your hot rod, make sure to position them lower than you would usually want. The reason for doing this is that the seats will tend to move up once you have put the new upholstery and foam on the seats. The seats tend to move upwards after adding upholstery and foam almost 9 out of 10 times. You need to ensure that the seats are positioned squarely in the car. Of course, first you need to ensure that the seat tracks themselves are square before you even try to put the seats in. Be sure that there is enough space between the seat and the car door. This means that you need to be careful when choosing seats for your car that you do not get seats that are too big.

You can also reupholster your seats, either yourself, or you can find a shop that can do it for you. To reupholster old car seats, you need to first remove them from the car by unbolting them. Next remove the old upholstery from the car seat and use this as a template or pattern for the new upholstery. Any worn out seat padding should be replaced during this time. Then sew the new upholstery together and attach it to the seat. Now you can simply place the seats back in the car. Following these tips, we have given you should help you to customize the interior of your hot rod.