How An Antique Suzuki Became A Hot Rod

How An Antique Suzuki Became A Hot Rod?

Hot Rods exert a fascination. The glossy paintwork and the beautiful shapes of these vehicles make an admirer of all viewers. One user from Instagram has converted an old Suzuki off-roader into a fascinating hot rod and let his followers participate in the masterpiece. To do this, he used a Mazda rotary engine. The result

Miniature Hot Rods

Miniature Hot Rods

Kettcars have been given lots of joy for kids all over the world for almost 60 years. These toys first showed up on the market in 1962, and since then they have been an integral part of childhood for many generations. Since the opening day, the company sold more than 15 million small pedal cars. However, three new models of the famous pedal cars have been introduced to customers in 2012, and the success was guaranteed from the first day.

The Iconic Rise of Hot Rods

The theories and speculations over hot rod cars have grown into a vast community of enthusiasts. Originally coined as a motto for racers and fans in the 1930s through the 1950s, hot rods were edged out of the mainstream spotlight by the heavy rumbles of their counterparts. Muscle cars carried proud engines and took over

Caring For Your Hot Rod in Winter

Taking care of your hot rod is a year round endeavor. In the Spring, Summer and Fall it is the culture to take a spin around the town or even enter into a series of races. How you enjoy your hot rod will be seen in the way you revamp your prized possession. Most enthusiasts

Iconic Hot Rods

Hot rods have been famous for quite some time now. People love them for the vintage feel; the idea of transforming its insides and in that way combing the old and the powerful is exciting for many. Some have even gone back to the roots and practice hot rodding as a lifestyle, meaning constantly working

Mobster Modifications Before the Hot Rod Era

Modern roads experience is a déjà vu when mods and Hotrods are in the scene. Altering your ride was popularized shortly after World War II which eventually led to the raging races of NASCAR. The style of that time became a measurement of coolness when you arrived in a set of slick wheels. This need

How to Cruise into the World of Hot Rods

Hot Rod enthusiasts and owners form a community that spans World-wide. Trading, selling and showing are the three main dynamics involved when Hot Rodders get together. If you are emerging into the art of any Hot rod genre, you may begin researching the ins and outs. The definitive information will vary by group or function

What Defines a Hot Rod?

Hot Rod is a term known across the lands. If your heart skips a beat when you hear one coming down the road, you will likely have your own definition of a Hot Rod. Luckily this is not a million-dollar question as there is not one singular answer to define the term. Hot Rods are