Keeping your car or hot rod in good condition is important. If you keep your car clean and well maintained then not only will it last longer, but its resale value will be higher. Contaminants adversely affect the paintwork and can lead to the development of rust. Therefore, using the best cleaners, you can afford to clean your car, is the best thing that you can possibly do. We will discuss here some of the best car cleaning products currently available on the market today.

Minimal Damage

The Chemical Guys CWS_107 Extreme Body Wash and Synthetic Wax Car Wash Shampoo (1 Gal) is one of these products. This cleaner is pH balanced to remove grime and dirt without causing damage to your wax or paint. There are a range of products in the Chemical Guys line that you can choose from. The 107 Extreme Body Wash and Synthetic Wax Car Wash Shampoo is a very concentrated cleaner that you need to dilute 1 cap to 5 gallons of water. This means it will last a long time, and it uses only natural citrus ingredients and cleaners. This means that the 107 Extreme Body Wash and Synthetic Wax Car Wash Shampoo is less harmful to the environment than some other products.

Glass Cleaner

If you like the Chemical Guys product line, then you may want to also get the Chemical Guys CLD_202_16 Signature Series Glass Cleaner (16 oz). This cleaning product is used on your windshield and windows. This glass cleaner uses a streak free formula to deliver a clean surface. The ingredients are not toxic, contain no ammonia and are therefore environmentally friendly. This cleaner can be safely used on tinted windows which is a big advantage over some of the other cleaners on the market.

Complete Kit

Another recommended cleaning product is the Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar System. This kit is used to remove embedded dirt or sap. The kit comes with two clay bars, a detailer and microfiber towels. It is apparently less abrasive than other products that are on the market and can be used to remove sap and even those difficult to remove bird droppings that land on your car. You simply spray on the detailer then use the clay bar to remove the offending grime, bird droppings or sap. They do warn that the clay bar will remove car wax, so you would probably have to wax again your car after using this product.

Wheel Cleaners

The wheels of your car are just as important as the rest of the car. Therefore, these are just as important to keep clean and well maintained. Meguiar’s G180124 Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner, 24 fl. oz, 1 Pack is an excellent product to use to clean your wheels. It dissolves break dust and removes stubborn dirt and grime that has accumulated on your wheels. The products we have mentioned are all excellent for cleaning your car. They won’t damage the car if used as directed and you can be assured of a nice clean car after using them.