A hot rod need not be expensive to maintain. It may cost quite a bit to restore an old car depending on what condition it is actually in. However, maintaining a car once it is restored to top condition need not be an expensive endeavor, unless new parts must be bought to replace damaged systems, for example, damaged electrical features. Damaged paint and body work can also be expensive to fix. If the paint is in good condition, then you just need to keep it clean which can be done with cleaners and using microfiber towels. Be careful not to use cleaners that are very abrasive as this could cause a problem with the paint.

The Importance of Maintenance

Most maintenance revolves around keeping the car clean, so if everything is working, this need not cost you a lot of money. Like any car, it is important to maintain a hot rod. This includes keeping a careful check on the condition of the car and making sure that all the fluid levels of the car are at the correct level. As with any car, this means that you should be frequently checking the levels of your oil and other fluids.

It is very important to keep using the correct type and weight of oil when you do replace the oil in your hot rod. The oil of the car should be replaced at least every three months. Brake fluid also needs to be changed, but you should avoid using silicone brake fluid as it may not be compatible with your hot rod. This means that it could cause the development of rust in the hot rod. It is also important to use up brake fluid within a year of opening it since it can get moisture in it.

Drive it Often

Part of maintaining your hot rod is to drive it, at least on occasion. At the very least you should drive your hot rod once a month. This will ensure that the battery is maintained and working. If your battery dies, then you would have to spend money replacing it.

Clean it Well

Maintaining your car means cleaning it often. None of this cost too much money and will save you some in the long run.
It is best to clean the car in the shade and to wax it after cleaning. You should use and apply a carnauba-based wax to the body so that the paint is protected. The wheels should also be cleaned and nicely polished. You need to keep an eye on the condition of your tires and replace them if needed. Rubber does break down over time, so you need to keep this in mind, and rather replace tires that are old and cracked.

If you own a hot rod you want to keep it looking in good condition. It will not be very expensive to maintain your hot rod. The maintenance costs, however, will increase dramatically if you neglect cleaning and maintaining the car.  A well-maintained car is also substantially more valuable regardless of what type of car it is.