Month: June 2018

Hot Rod

Top Hot Rods in Movies

Movies can serve to showcase some amazing cars. Some of these movies and the cars that were in them are still often talked about today, the scenes are so iconic and memorable that people, especially car enthusiast talk about them for years and years to come. American Graffiti One of […]

Hot Rod

Best Cleaners for Cars and Hot Rods

Keeping your car or hot rod in good condition is important. If you keep your car clean and well maintained then not only will it last longer, but its resale value will be higher. Contaminants adversely affect the paintwork and can lead to the development of rust. Therefore, using the […]

Hot Rod

Maintenance Tips for Your Hot Rod

Hot rods are perhaps some of the most exciting cars to drive. They offer cool looks and a quick ride, and they make you stand out while you are on the road. What more could you want for your car? It was in the early 1950’s that these cars really […]