Month: May 2018

Hot Rod

Are Hot Rods Expensive to Maintain?

A hot rod need not be expensive to maintain. It may cost quite a bit to restore an old car depending on what condition it is actually in. However, maintaining a car once it is restored to top condition need not be an expensive endeavor, unless new parts must be […]

Hot Rod

Are Hot Rods Safe?

The hot rods first became popular sometimes after the second World War. This was because people were feeling now much more relaxed and the economic growth in the US allowed them to invest in things they like. Hot rods were also very popular because tuning them started to be a […]

Hot Rod

The Popularity of Hot Rods Through Time

The birth of hot rods can be traced back sometimes after the end of World War II. The teens were very eager to have customized motorcycles, so it was natural for cars to be the next target. The purpose of them was to be able to speed linear and to […]